Kelvin Daly Musical Instruments
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I design and build fine, hand-sculpted string instruments. My pieces range from well-balanced basses and guitars, to new inventions of electric instruments in the bowed string family, and more.

The instruments fluently blend innovative sculptural beauty with rich, full resonances, often producing entirely new tones. They are designed for proper balance and comfortably fit the ergonomics of the player's body and hands for maximized playability.


Guitars and basses GALLERY

A variety of electric guitars and basses, from 4-string short scale basses to 7-string subcontra basses


Completed instruments available to own and builds-in-progress available to claim


Invented instruments inspired by found objects, ancient mythology, and centuries of musical wisdom across the globe

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I have been building musical instruments since 1992, when my original training in visual arts and sculpture migrated into building functional musical objects.

I have apprenticed since 1998 with Carl Thompson, one of the first hand builders of electric bass guitars, to whom I owe many thanks for being my primary mentor in the field.

I am currently focused on commercial work building electric bass guitars of my own design, as well as electric guitars and solid-body electric bowed instruments in the upright bass to cello ranges. I continue to create new inventions with new playing styles for my own music. 



Photographs by Adrian Buckmaster