Kelvin bass Aug 2017-0066 Done.JPG


I have been building musical instruments since 1992, when my original training in visual arts and sculpture migrated into building functional musical objects as I became more seriously involved in playing music.

Originally I focused on new inventions for my own musical compositions, and now I build all varieties of instruments of traditional and new designs. I have apprenticed since 1998 with Carl Thompson, one of the first hand builders of electric bass guitars, to whom I owe many thanks for being my primary mentor in the field.

I am currently focused on commercial work building electric bass guitars of my own design, as well as electric guitars and solid-body electric bowed instruments in the upright bass to cello ranges. I continue to create new inventions with new playing styles for my own music. 

I have lived in NYC since 1996 and am originally from a small coastal town in Maine. In my other artistic activities, I am an active musician, composer, poet, performance artist, visual artist, and designer. 


Top photograph only by Adrian Buckmaster