I build my instruments in my studio on New York’s Lower East Side. For those in the area, I am available for repairs and set-up. I am fully qualified for repairs on electric guitars and basses and I have also over the years focused on repairing many unusual instruments including sitars, tambouras, charangos, guitarrones, mandolins, dulcimers, and the like. I have also completed repairs on violins, cellos, and upright basses.

Repair Rates and Information

Basic setup for a guitar or bass: $75
Minimal fret filing if needed for setup: $25–$100
Full fret filing to re-level frets: $100–$200
Full re-fret on neck: $350

Structural repairs of all sorts for cracks and breaks in necks or bodies, particularly headstocks, can be done. Prices generally fall between $100–$250 depending on the exact nature of the repair. This will include a smooth blended refinishing but may not be invisible. 

Repairs or alterations to existing electronics can also be done, please contact me for details. 

It is usually necessary to see the exact repair on the exact instrument before an accurate price and time estimates can be made, so bringing the instrument to the shop will be necessary for appraisal. 

For quotes and questions please contact me at keolwyn@yahoo.com.