Each instrument is built with its player’s style, needs, and idiosyncrasies in mind. In this way, the relationship between player and instrument begins on my workbench and players often find that their new instruments have an immediate familiarity.

Bass and Guitar Starting Prices

4-String Bass: $3,600 
5-String Bass: $4,500
6-String Bass: $5,400

6-String Guitar: $3,200
7-String Guitar: $3,600

4-String Electric Upright Bass: $4,000
5-String Electric Upright Bass: $5,000
6-String Electric Upright Bass: $6,000

The charge is the same for fretted and un-fretted instruments and for scale lengths of 36" or 32" inches for basses, and 25.5" or 27" for guitars. Other scale lengths can be made and will have an up-charge. 

These are prices for my standard designs for these instruments, most of which come with two Kent Armstrong pickups. All instruments come with a high-quality gig bag.

Active circuitry or unusual pickups, wiring, or tremolo systems will have up-charges. I can also install midi or Sustainiac pickup systems for an additional charge. 

Commissioning a Bass or Guitar

Because there are as many variations for instruments as there are players, please tell me in your introductory email about what you are looking for. Check out the Guitars & Basses Gallery for inspiration. Please include your phone number, that we may arrange a call to discuss the details of your instrument.

Once the details are established, I will provide a quote for the instrument. The order will be secured by payment of one-third of the total price as a non-refundable deposit as I begin building the instrument. The balance is due before shipping, upon completion.

A gig bag is included with the instrument and the buyer is responsible for shipping costs.


Commissioning a New Invention

The majority of my inventions are not for immediate sale per se, as I use specific instruments for my own compositions. However, if you are interested in any of the instruments in the Inventions Gallery, I can be commissioned to build a mostly-identical or related instrument. I usually build in dialogue about an individual's playing and composition needs. Contact me for more information. 


Details of Photographs by Adrian Buckmaster